Welcome to the website for the Borzoi Club of Greater Omaha!

Our Mission

Amid laughter and good will, Borzoi Club of Greater Omaha came into being in 2003.  Drawn together by our love of this extraordinary breed.  We invite you join with us in our pursuit of Borzoi excellence.

The Purpose of the club will be:

  1. To promote sportsmanlike conduct, breeding, and judging standards approved by the American Kennel Club.
  2. To conduct specialty events sanctioned and licensed under the rules of the American Kennel Club.
  3. To the preservation of the Borzoi breed and its history.
  4. To the public education of the Borzoi Breed, therapy dog and service dog work with Borzoi.
  5. To support the sport of showing dogs through contributions to pertinent charitable organizations.

Our individual members pursue the full range of dog diversions: showing, breeding, rally, obedience, coursing and of course, cuddling and vacuuming!

Please enjoy our site!


Club Officers

President: Cindi Gredys

Vice President: Josie Haumont

Treasurer: Chris Swilley

Secretary: Debb Meyer

Board: Elizabeth Bucholz